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Amare Knives Paragon G10STW Folder Knife - 3.25"


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Amare Knives Paragon G10STW Folder Knife - 3.25"

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The PARAGON with the newly developed Amare Knives "A-Joint" mechanism is a special folding knife, two-handed operation and therefore everywhere to lead and use, where you can use a pocket knife and wants!

So, if you are looking for an EDC knife that is both extremely edged, robust, stainless, and has a very special mechanism, and at the same time is an elegant eye-catcher due to the modern materials and the special Amare Knives "A-Joint" system this found in PARAGON.

The development of the "A-Joint" mechanism has several advantages. On the one hand, the slip joint mechanism is connected to the joint with only one double-legged spring (dragonfly wing shape). Due to its thickness, the upper leg, which holds the blade open, has more pressure than the lower leg, which makes it easier and extremely quick to open. On the other hand, the blade length is greater than with conventional slip joint systems. In the field of safety, the A-Joint system also has the positive property that the blade is safely in the grip area when closed. Of course, it should be mentioned that the PARAGON is 100% §42a WaffG compliant and therefore NOT subject to the leadership ban under the current weapons law.

The blade of the PARAGON GT10STW is finished in a stonewashed look. The blade length is 82 mm with a blade thickness of 3.05 mm. Opened, it has a total length of 194 mm. With a weight of 125 g, it is stable and sustainable in the hand even under heavy use and allows safe driving.

The used, particularly high-quality N690 steel from Böhler, which is also known under the material 1.4528 or under VG10 or 440MOD steel, is a stainless, high-alloy steel, which was developed especially for the food industry and is used for corrosion-resistant knife types with demanding cutting tasks , For stainless steel, the N690 contains a relatively high carbon content, namely 1%. That's why the N690 is harder than most stainless steels on the market. It has very good cutting properties and can therefore be very easily sharpened extremely sharp. Due to the combination of very good edge retention and the easy-care properties, the N690 steel is also often used for surgical instruments.

For the PARAGON G10 STW, the milled handle shell is made of G10 high-pressure fiberglass laminate. It is created by several layers of glass fabric in conjunction with epoxy resin and compressed under heat. Because of its very high strength, low moisture absorption, excellent electrical insulating properties and chemical resistance, Amare Knives has decided to use G10 in the PARAGON G10 STW model. These properties remain even under humid conditions.


  • protected A-joint mechanics
  • A-Joint spring exchangeable
  • open, easy to clean construction
  • extremely sharp
  • Complex, modern design
  • excellent sharpening
  • Rockwell hardness> = 60 HRC


  • Knife type: jackknife
  • Blade material :N690
  • Blade length: 82 mm
  • Blade thickness: 3.05 mm
  • Folding system: A-Joint, non-locking protected mechanism
  • Handle: G10 black, milled surface
  • Color: black
  • Clip: Deep Carry Pocket Clip
  • Mass: 125 g
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