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ANR Design 1" Sling w/ Pad


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ANR Design 1" Sling w/ Pad

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The Link is a brainchild rifle sling between ANR Design LLC and Cole-Tac. The Link Sling is a 1″ webbing design rifle sling, stitched with Mil-Spec bonded Nylon thread. Mounted on the rifle, the forward section of the Link rifle sling has a 40″ length of pull, fully extended. The rear adjustment of the Link rifle sling has a 30″ total length of pull. Depending on the operator’s size, the length of pull easily allows plenty of slack to transfer the weapon system to the opposite shoulder of even the largest of end-users. The Link rifle sling is Berry Compliant and constructed of 100% US materials, assembled in New Hampshire and South Dakota at Cole-Tac facilities.

The Link rifle sling has a ITW Tactical Toggle and Locking Cord sling pull tab assembly. They prefer the  ITW Tactical Toggle and Locking Cord sling pull tab assembly because the pull tab itself stays relatively straight with some rigidity from the  Locking Cord. The T-bar ITW Tactical Toggle on the pull tab assembly is easy to feel for. It has two double knots on either side of the ITW Tactical Toggle T-post for added grip on the sling pull tab assembly. ITW Tactical Toggle and Locking Cord sling pull tab assembly is infrared blocking, or IR blocking. The ITW Tactical Toggle and Locking Cord sling pull tab assembly are treated with a IR blocking coating to reduce the IR signature under night vision.

The Link rifle sling utilizes a 16″ strip of 0.75″ loop Velcro starting at the last 6″ of the buttstock end. This loop Velcro is supple enough to fit under the Tri-Glide buckles without any resistance. The Link rifle sling comes with an 8.5″ shoulder pad of matching color or camouflage. It is constructed of closed cell foam padding, paired with SAM Stretch elastic material stitched to the matching Mil-Spec 500D Nylon Cordura. The SAM Stretch elastic material is purposely located on the portion of the shoulder pad that meets the operator’s neck. SAM Stretch is a much more comfortable material on bare skin and less abrasive than the standard Mil-Spec 500D Nylon Cordura. After an 8 hour day on the range training, any extra abuse can accelerate fatigue of the operator. The 8.5″ rifle sling shoulder pad is a tri-fold construction with integrated Velcro hook and loop design. This shoulder pad was made to allow the operator to move the shoulder pad around on The Link rifle sling to the preferred location. 

Once The Link rifle sling shoulder pad is secured in the ideal location on the sling, you’ll notice an excess of loop Velcro. The Link rifle sling is a modular rifle sling. The extra loop Velcro is extra real estate for the additional accessories created for the Link rifle sling design. The Link TQ Sleeve, or tourniquet sleeve, can be added to the Link rifle sling in conjunction with the sling shoulder pad. The Link Tool Envelope is an elastic envelope to house small accessory tools, such as, allen wrenches and small 1/2 in wrench tools to Recce rifle sling setups. If the operator’s optic mounts or accessories come loose, The Link Tool Envelope has the user covered with the tools necessary to finish the job. The tools stay with the weapon system, rather than digging around in a pack or bag. 

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