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Blackout Defense Dual Taper Lock .223 Wylde AR-15 GEN 1 Rifle - 13.9" Black (Pinned)

AR-15 Rifle

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The Power of Dual Taper Lock System

Introducing the groundbreaking Dual Taper Lock (DTL) system, exclusively available in the Quantum DTL rifle by Blackout Defense. Experience a new level of precision and stability like never before. This revolutionary system combines self-centering capabilities and resistance to axial movement, ensuring a rock-solid platform for your shooting needs.

Unmatched Centricity and Barrel Rigidity

With two interlocking barrel nuts and perfectly matched tapers, the DTL system guarantees the centricity of the barrel and upper bores, stabilizing the chamber for enhanced accuracy. Say goodbye to handguard deflection and significant point of impact (POI) shifts caused by impacts or trauma. The DTL system provides the ultimate rigidity and harmonic dampening, delivering a smoother shooting experience.

Unleash Unprecedented Accuracy

The Blackout Defense barrel, featuring a heavy profile and precision-machined thermal expansion rings, takes accuracy to new heights. Designed to resist deflection and MOA shifts under extreme heat, this barrel, combined with our muzzle device, delivers exceptional precision. Experience consistent 1MOA or better accuracy, tested and proven with 77gr OTM Black Hills Ammunition.


  • The Dual Taper Lock system works in conjunction with their proprietary tapered barrel extension and tapered barrel. This provides a "push-pull" relationship ensuring bore centricity of the upper receiver and barrel.
  • Prolonged shooting creates a lot of heat, which can be the enemy of precision. Hot metal expansion becomes irregular. The thermal expansion rings featured on their DTL barrel guide the barrel to expand in the direction of the bore rather than to deflect and shift MOA.
  • Thanks to the dual taper mounting system, the proprietary handguard mount delivers extreme rigidity between the upper receiver and handguard. No handguard deflection while keeping the barrel in place when exposed to extreme impacts or trauma.
  • The Performance Series barrels start with premium 416-R stainless steel bars that are gun-drilled and reamed at standard production speeds in 5R rifling and 1:8 twist. The blanks are then fully stress relieved and precision air gauged before profiling, threading, and chambering begins.
  • The Quantum series lower receivers are equipped with their patented Presslock™ technology. The Linear Compression Pad ensures a tight, rattle free fitment, essentially "bedding" the upper and lower receiver together while eliminating carrier tilt.
  • Their uppers and handguards feature precision drilled pinholes for perfect monolithic-like alignment and anti-rotational rigidity.
  • The DTL handguard features 7 sides of M-LOK compatible slots front to back. Combine that with their full length picatinny top, and your accessories can be configured exactly the way you want them.
  • Zero pre-travel. Zero post-travel. Combined with their short and positive reset design, the Zero trigger is exceptionally smooth, crisp, and fast.
  • The ambidextrous design allows for multiple ways of use, no matter your shooting side or position.
  • Its modular design lets you easily swap from a standard 90° to 45° throw simply by removing the detent pressure and rotating the drum 180° inside the lower receiver.
  • Billet steel low profile rear QD plate with anti-rotation limits for ambidextrous sling use.
  • Their carrier is manufactured from 8620 steel, while their shot-peened bolt is made from either 9310 or carpenter 158. The bolts are batch high pressure tested and individually magnetic particle inspected after heat-treat to ensure no microcracks.
  • Their KeyMo compatible muzzle devices are officially licensed by Dead Air, ensuring proper specs and fitment with your KeyMo equipped suppressor.


  • Caliber: .223 Wylde
  • Gas Length: Mid
  • Trigger: Zero Trigger Flat: 3.0 lbs
  • Color: Black Anodized
  • Barrel Length: 13.9"
  • Twist Rate: 1:8
More Information
SKU 92209
Product Type AR-15 Rifle
Manufacturer Blackout Defense
Twist Rate 1:8
Color Black
Gas Length Mid
Platform AR-15
Barrel Length 13.9"
Caliber .223 Wylde

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