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BLAZnTECH Motorized Weapons Cleaning System

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BLAZnTECH Motorized Weapons Cleaning System


BLAZnTECH is proud to introduce the world’s first and only Motorized Weapons Cleaning System, a pocket-sized power tool that manages to quickly and effectively (without any disassembly) clean most commonly used rifles and handguns! Made from glass-reinforced nylon, assembled in the United States, and covered by a 3 year limited warranty, the (MWCS) is guaranteed to provide a luxurious cleaning experience. Founded by a combat veteran who personally discovered the need for such a device during his time overseas. BLAZnTECH is veteran-owned and operated company that takes great pride in delivering it’s necessity-based invention to an industry that is already calling the product “a vacuum in a market full of brooms”.

The MWCS is intended to be used with no disassembly of the weapon; simply insert the system into the chamber via ejection port or barrel, turn it on, and witness the magic! Rotating at 300rpm, the custom nylon brushes cause no damage to the weapon, providing enough rigidity to ensure that carbon, powder residue, and fouling are effectively removed. For lowlight situations, the MWCS also has a built-in LED light option to help with identifying carbon and checking your work. 



  • Glass-Reinforced Nylon Enclosure
  • Proprietary Brush-Socks (100% Cotton)
  • Redesigned Brushes
  • Bright White LED
  • 300+ RPM
  • Lifetime Warranty


Items Included

  • Motorized Cleaner
  • Custom 5.56 Chamber Brush
  • Custom 7.62 Chamber Brush
  • Custom 9mm Brush
  • Custom .45ACP Brush
  • Proprietary Brush-Socks for 9mm and .45ACP Brushes (25pack)
  • Proprietary Brush-Socks for 5.56 and 7.62 Chamber Brushes (25pack)
  • Barrel Brush Extension Rod
  • FrogLube 1.5oz CLP
  • FrogLube 1oz Solvent
  • Lanyard
  • 9v Duracell Battery
  • Ballistic Nylon Case
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Manufacturer BLAZnTECH

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