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Blitzkrieg Components 9mm Hydraulic Buffer


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Blitzkrieg Components 9mm Hydraulic Buffer


The Standard 9mm Hydraulic Buffer model has their normal amount of hydraulic resistance. This is the best choice for short barreled 9mm applications (7.5" barrel or less) but can be used for all PCC barrel lengths. This buffer has the standard amount of hydraulic resistance that they have historically used in their 9mm buffers. This is a great fit for a wide range of PCC guns. Can be used with their PCC buffer weight to add mass and further slow the action. This buffer is not recommended for use with lightened bolts or short stroke systems.

Blitzkrieg Components partnered with KynSHOT to develop a top-of-the-line 9mm specific AR-15 buffer using KynShot's Hydraulic Buffer Technology. The Hydraulic Buffer body uses hydraulic shock absorption to dampen the impact of the bolt at the rear of its travel and also to dampen the forward impact of the Buffer's weight as it chambers the next round. It's weight and length have been optimized for the 9mm application so that it runs reliably, softens recoil, smooths out the action, and stops just behind the bolt catch using any 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm) ammo type. It provides the softest recoil impulse of any 9mm buffer they know of and will allow very fast follow up shots, improved accuracy and less wear on the firearm. Works in PCC builds with 3.5" - 16" barrels, either suppressed or unsuppressed and with all common 9mm loads. Normally the only difference is what buffer spring needs to be used. Their recommended barrel length for selecting this buffer is 7.5" or less. For barrels 8-16" they normally use the RB5015HD buffer, however they do have customers who like the feel of this buffer the best even with the 16" guns. The hydraulic fluid and seals are made to meet mil-spec requirements and have an ambient temperature operating range of -30F to +150F. This buffer has proven itself in the harsh arena of PCC competition and is the choice of many of the top ranked shooters in the world.

The blowback operation of the 9mm AR-15 drives a very heavy bolt much harder than a standard AR-15 BCG and it needs to be dampened as much as possible to optimize the system, reduce wear on the firearm and reduce recoil and sight movement. For this reason, the buffer is a very important component in getting a 9mm AR-15 to run at its full potential. The design is simple, yet very effective and will feel softer and run quieter than any conventional AR buffer. Spring noise is also dramatically reduced using this buffer. The length of our buffer stops the bolt just behind the bolt catch on a 9mm AR-15 without the need for a spacer in a collapsible stock buffer tube. If used in a fixed stock, we do sell a spacer separately for that application.

Over the last several years their buffers have been run hard by thousands of shooters in just about every conceivable type of build and in intense PCC competition. They have had great feedback from their customers which has resulted in several rounds of product improvements to achieve maximum effectiveness and service life. Their goal is the most effective buffer and the most durable. The buffers they are now shipping have all the latest improvements.


  • Machined 17-4 Stainless Steel Buffer Body
  • Most recoil reduction of any 9mm Buffer made
  • Mil-Spec rated hydraulic fluid and seals can operate in ambient temp of -30F to +150F
  • Super Smooth Running
  • Faster follow up shots
  • Quiet Buffer Operation
  • Reduced Spring Noise
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