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Bravo Company MFG (BCM) MK2 Mod 1 Recoil Mitigation System

Buffer Kit

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Bravo Company MFG (BCM) MK2 Mod 1 Recoil Mitigation System

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Complete Kit Features:

  • Lessens felt recoil, without compromising reliability
  • Provides a more consistent carrier velocity, which can aid in accuracy, reliability over conventional carbine buffer system
  • Increased internal counterweight travel reduces bolt bounce
  • Internal spring to reduce noise of counter weight shifting and ensure more consistent weight placement
  • Mil-Spec M16A4 rifle spring with more spring coils than M4 carbine, increases consistency and widens operating envelope
  • Buffer made of 7075T6 aluminum, hard coat anodized for lasting endurance. Comprised of Mil-Spec components
  • BCM US Patent #10415907
  • Buffer Weight
    • T0 Buffer (weight = approximately 3.8oz)
    • T1 Buffer (weight = approximately 4.7oz)
    • T2 Buffer (weight = approximately 5.6oz)

This kit contains all the necessary parts to mount to your Mil-Spec dimension stock assembly to your Mil-Spec lower receiver.

  • MK2 Mod 1
  • Mil-Spec M16A4 rifle action spring
  • Mk2 Receiver Extension (approximately 3/4” longer than carbine), 7076T6, 8 position, Mil-Spec diameter
  • Lock Nut (Castle) M4
  • Receiver QD End Plate (include mount for QD swivel)

Please NOTE:  because of the MK2’s longer length some Mil-Spec stocks may not completely collapse closed all the way up to the M4 Lock nut.

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Product Type Buffer Kit
Manufacturer Bravo Company MFG (BCM)
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