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Dead Air Sandman E-Brake

Muzzle Brake

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Dead Air Sandman E-Brake


Suppressors are often known for their recoil mitigating properties. The E-Brake tames the recoil further by acting as a brake at the end of your silencer. It’s a quick and simple way to get even more performance from your silencer.


The E-Brake provides added recoil reduction while also providing a more “diffused” venting of the high-pressure gases escaping the front of the suppressor. The vent holes allow for a softer release than other offerings on the market, so there’s less dust kicked up when shooting prone and it doesn’t burn the ears of bystanders.


Install is easy. Just remove your existing front cap and install it on the front of the E-Brake, then thread the E-Brake onto your silencer. Next, enjoy a flatter shooting rifle.

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Product Type Muzzle Brake
Manufacturer Dead Air Armament

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