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Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Shooting Filters

Ear Protection


Decibullz DIY Thermo-fit Molded Earpieces combined with new cutting edge percussive impulse filter technology. Decibullz Percussive Filters protect users from the peak sound pressure of gun shots, artillery fire, and explosions, suppressing them to safe levels and protecting users from hearing damage. Custom molding is easy, simply warm the earpieces in water and shape to your ears. The earpieces can even be re-heated and re-shaped if needed. Unlike electronic hearing protection, Decibullz Filters never need batteries.


  • Protection up to 33DB: Decibullz earplugs provide a high level of protection from loud, damaging noises in a number of different situations.
  • Secure Comfortable Fit: With a secure custom fit, your Decibullz earplugs will stay in place and not fall out, whether you're indoors or in the field.
  • Situational Awareness: Unlike traditional earplugs, percussive filters actively reduce sound waves to safe levels, while allowing for full situational awareness.
  • Heat with Warm Water: Simply heat the Decibullz earpieces with warm water for 3-5 minutes, the earpieces will become soft and ready to shape.
  • Shape to Your Ears: Decibullz earpieces easily shape to the exact fit of your ears. Place the pliable earpiece in your ear and form them for the perfect fit.
  • Re-moldable: Decibullz earpieces are the only re-moldable custom earpieces in the world. Simply re-heat and re-shape.


  • Weight: 0.46 lbs
  • Dimensions: 34.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 in
  • Color: Black
  • Rating: The filters are ANSI IPIL certified up to 166 dB with a max NRR of 331
  • Inlcuded:
    • 1 Set of Decibullz Thermo-fit Earpieces
    • 2 Percussive Filters
    • S,M,L Max Isolation Foam Tips
    • S, M, L Open Triple Flange Silicone Tips
    • Premium Hard Carrying Case
    • Filter Lanyard

Please NOTE: Improper fitting or misuse of earplugs will reduce their effectiveness and could result in hearing loss or injury.

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Product Type Ear Protection
Manufacturer Decibullz

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