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Forward Controls Design LDFA - Low Drag Forward Assist

Forward Assist

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Forward Controls Design LDFA - Low Drag Forward Assist


Specifically designed and purpose built for AR15s and M16s with ambidextrous charging handles, the LDFA is a snag-free rimless forward assist with a small footprint. The design philosophy of the LDFA follows the evolution of life on planet: things that are useful and often called on become more prominent, things that are rarely used either become smaller, or disappear in time.


There has been ongoing discussions regarding the relevance of the forward assist. Like it and use it, or not, it is found on standard AR upper receivers. We don't want the forward assist to go away, we'd rather have it and not need it, than the other way around. The LDFA does not have a rim on the plunger and is smaller than a standard forward assist. More importantly, on an AR15 or M16 equipped with an ambidextrous charging handle, when the user pulls on the right latch to load or reload the weapon, the rimless design allows for fluid rearward movement of your hand and charging handle, without snagging on your finger or fingernail.


  • The smaller footprint of the plunger face does not impact its usability.
  • CNC Billet construction, the LDFA plunger body is machined from 4340 steel bar stock and parkerized, it weighs in at 0.679 oz (factory FA weighs 0.715 oz)
  • Proudly designed and made in the USA.
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Product Type Forward Assist
Manufacturer Forward Controls Design

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