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Forward Controls Design MFH M-LOK Fixed Sling Loop Adapter

Sling Mount

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Forward Controls Design MFH M-LOK Fixed Sling Loop Adapter


MFH is a collaboration between Sol Lehnerd at Rooftop Defense and Forward Controls, it was an idea Sol brought up in the summer of 2022 and wanted to bring to reality.

As with everything they do, MFH's form follows function. Rooftop Defense and FCD outlined goals the design is to perform. The fixed loop accommodates slings up to 1.25" wide and is curved to mitigate bunching. They opted to place the loop squarely in the middle of the MLOK mount so it's well supported from both sides. Being made of steel when aluminum would suffice, and engineered for strength and durability, MFH is overbuilt in both aspects. MFH is simple and immensely robust, it removes a potential weak link that exists in the QD swivel, it also brings the sling closer to the handguard and reduces the rifle's profile.

Additionally, MFH serves a dual purpose as a low profile equipment tethering point for tying expensive equipment, such as IR laser, thermal or NODs to the rifle. 

They are grateful for the opportunity to work with Sol, a long time friend and colleague. They are confident you will find wMFH a reliable and useful component for your sling and rifle as they have designed it to be.

MFH is a collaboration between FCD and Rooftop Defense with input from Shea Grubbs.


  • Weight: 1.28 oz. w/ MLOK hardware
  • Length: 1/4"
  • Height: 1.52"
  • Width (of the fixed loop): 1.525"
  • Proudly designed and made in USA.

Please NOTE: MFH is compatible with HK hook but not the Magpul Paraclip.  MFH is designed to directly accept the sling sans any hook or clip attachment, while an HK hook can be used, it defeats the purpose of a low profile fixed sling loop.

More Information
Product Type Sling Mount
Manufacturer Forward Controls Design
Color Black
Mount M-LOK

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