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Forward Controls Design OPF-P365 Macro RMRcc (No Rear Sight Dovetail)

Red Dot Mount

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Forward Controls Design OPF-P365 Macro RMRcc (No Rear Sight Dovetail)


OPF-P365 Macro, RMRcc is designed and made for SIG Sauer P365 Macro, and P365X where the rear sight is in its own dovetail on the slide, and Trijicon's RMRcc.

Machined in 4140 steel, and black oxide coated. They don't black nitride OPF-P365 Macro, RMRcc due to the thin plate extension over the slide, nitride would make it brittle.

Due to the design confines of the P365X, OPF-P365 Macro, RMRcc has to be made rather tall, as it not only has to bring a flat mounting surface for the RMRcc, it also has to have adequate thickness for a rear sight dovetail. 


  • Torque value for plate to slide M3 0.5x12mm screws: 15 in lb.
  • Torque value for RMRcc sight to plate 5-40x3/8 screws: 15 to 18 in lb.

Compatible holsters with BIS, P365X: 

  • PHLster Skeleton, Enigma (both WML and non-WML, both RH and LH versions), and Pro
  • Henry Holsters Ember for P365X with TLR7

Please NOTE:

  • OPF-P365 Macro, RMRcc is compatible with P365 Macro, or the new (October, 2022) version of P365X that has the rear sight in its own dovetail.
  • RMRcc sealing plate is required, a sealing plate comes with RMRcc (check underneath the foam on the bottom  the Pellican case.)
  • If you don't need backup sights, OPF-P365 Macro can work on older versions of P365X where the rear sight is attached to the cover plate, it does not provide a rear sight dovetail for a rear sight.
More Information
SKU OPF-P365-Macro-RMRcc
Product Type Red Dot Mount
Manufacturer Forward Controls Design
Color Black
Model Sig P365 X-Macro
Platform Sig Sauer
Optic Footprint Trijicon RMRcc

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