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Forward Controls Design PF-040 Mars-H Takedown/ Pivot Pins

Take Down / Pivot Pins

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NOTE: PF-040, MARS-H is designed for LMT's MARS-H, Defender H, Knight's Armament's SR25 and M110, the PF-040 MARS-H pivot pin (round pin head, and 0.280" diameter) will not work on LR308 (0.275" diameter) and Armalite AR10B and AR10A receivers (pivot pin has a flat on the pin head and pin head is thicker).  The take down pin will work on all three patterns, but the pivot pin only works on SR25 pattern receivers.


PF-040, MARS-H is a version of Forward Controls AR15/M16 spec PF-040 take down and pivot pins made for LMT's MARS-H, Defender H, MWS, and KAC's SR25, M110.  Machined from 17-4 PH SS bar stock and QPQ finished, these pins are 0.040 longer than factory pivot and take down pins.


PF-040 pins can be aptly described as "reverse extended", in that they're longer on the left side of the receiver, the additional length of the take down pin doesn't interfere with ambidextrous safety operation. When PF-040 pins are pushed in from the left side, the +0.040 transforms to extra length and grasping area on the right side pin head, which combined with their silky smoothness, makes pulling the pin a cinch.


PF-040 has the same elegant and unadorned pin heads design that is in line with their design philosophy which prioritizes functionality over aesthetics.  PF-040 right side pin heads (when installed on a receiver, with the muzzle pointing away) are flat, with a small 45 degree chamfer.  Serrations or dimples on the right pin head would be useless, so they're completely plain. There is a small dimple on the other side of the pin head, the tip of bullets (up to 9mm) can be used to push the pins in on tight fitting receivers.


PF-040 can be purchased with the optional takedown/pivot detents (4) and springs (3) kit. The odd numbers of included components probably deserve some explanation.  Even for experienced AR builders, it's not uncommon to launch the pivot pin detent into the twilight zone.  It's also fairly easy to bend the take down pin detent spring during installation of the end plate and castle nut.  So the optional detents and spring kit includes 4 detents and 3 springs to preempt losses and damages.  Proudly designed and made in Texas, USA.



  • KAC SR25, M110
  • LMT Defender H, MARS-H
  • Centurion Arms M11 7.62
  • LaRue Tactical OBR 7.62



  • LR 308 pattern receivers
  • Armalite AR10A and AR10B.
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Product Type Take Down / Pivot Pins
Manufacturer Forward Controls Design

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