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Grayguns Sig Sauer P320 +5 Competition Base Pad - Black


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Grayguns Sig Sauer P320 +5 Competition Base Pad - Black


Designed for hard-duty and competitor use. Their custom Grayguns SIG Sauer P320 9mm Plus 5 magazine base pads are manufactured from 6061 Aluminum. Professionally finished with MIL-A-8625 Type III anodized coating. Pads go through a glass-beading process to provide a flat-black finish.


Each pad features a 3-by-5 matrix. Number your mags using a Sharpie or paint pen. Additional space is available to write your initials.


Their base pads are compatible with both of theirP320 xSeries Laser-Sculpted Grip Module and xCompact Grip Modules.


Fit Guide

Backwards compatible with all versions of P320 modules, including the standard and xSeries with or without the extended magwell installed.

For those with .40 and .357 SIG magazines. these extended base pads will be plus three instead of plus five. With aftermarket followers, you may be able to get plus four.


Product Notes

  • UPSPA Length – The 17-round magazines with their +5 base pads will fit the 141.25 mm size limit for Limited and Carry Optics
  • No base plate is required as the back plate (shown) is used to hold the base pad in place.
  • The last round is pretty tough to load on the 17-round magazines, they suggest you use a loader. The 15 and 21-round magazines are easier to fully load.
  • These aluminum base pads weigh 1.2 ounces.
More Information
Product Type Basepad
Manufacturer Grayguns
Color Black
Model Sig P320
Platform Sig Sauer

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