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JMAC Customs RRD-360HD 24F KeyMount (KeyMicro) - M24-1.5 RH

Muzzle Brake

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JMAC Customs RRD-360HD 24F KeyMount (KeyMicro) - M24-1.5 RH


The RRD-360HD-24F-KM is designed specifically with short barrels and high pressures in mind! Due to excess pressures and gasses associated with rifle calibers in short-barreled firearms, a barrel length restriction was put in place for many of their popular devices. To remedy this, they've taken their 360 design and reinforced the device by adding additional material where it's needed and removing material in some areas to cut down on size, and weight. You get the same amazing performance out of their 360 devices, now with a Heavier Duty design for short-barreled firearms!

The RRD-360 Muzzle Device from JMAC Customs is unlike others on the market today. This device vents gasses 360 degrees away from your muzzle requiring less effort from the shooter to manage recoil. The use of additional, smaller ports, allows the gasses to disperse in a less concentrated pattern which reduces flash and concussion when compared to a standard muzzle brake. Due to the 360 design, this device does not require timing which makes installation much more simple and does not require shims or crush washer.

This device allows you to attach KeyMount/KeyMicro compatible devices to your 24-1.5RH threaded firearm. Previously, this could only be accomplished by having your firearm re-threaded to accept a standard KeyMo device.


  • 3 baffles to protect your suppressor
  • No timing / shims not required
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal added length
  • Compatible with dozens of suppressors
  • Reduced Recoil


  • 24-1.5RH Threads
  • Overall Length: 2.81"
  • Length Added: 2.08"
  • 10mm Bore
  • KeyMount and KeyMicro Compatible
  • 17-4ph Stainless
  • Black Nitride

Please Note: This device is designed to be tightened against the face of the barrel. If timing is required, you must use JMAC's face shims or your barrel MUST be faced to properly time this muzzle device.

More Information
Product Type Muzzle Brake
Manufacturer JMAC Customs
Thread Pitch M24x1.5 RH
Color Black
Finish Nitride

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