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Kaiser US X-7 Blackbird Lightweight Ti-Graphite AR-15 Receiver Set - Black

AR-15 Receiver Set


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The ultra-strong and ultra-lightweight X-7 “BLACKBIRD” Lightweight Ti-Graphite Composite Receiver Set from Kaiser US is the next evolution in AR-15 manufacturing. Kaisers proprietary blend of titanium graphite composite and reinforced titanium and anodized aluminum inserts in all the right places make this receiver set extremely strong and extremely lightweight.



  • Engineered for durability and increased strength without added weight.
  • Titanium Graphite Composite Material with titanium & anodized aluminum inserts at all critical wear points.
  • Textured nonslip front mag well grip surface designed for better grip and weapon control even in the most extreme conditions.
  • Designed for dual or Ambidextrous (Ambi) safety set up.
  • Beveled mag well entry allows faster magazine changes.
  • Matched to increase rigidity between upper and lower receivers.
  • Lighter at half the weight of aluminum receivers sets.
  • Less Recoil
  • Require far less maintenance.
  • Forward Assist eliminated.
  • Eliminates harmonics from attached accessories improving weapon accuracy.
  • Compatible with any Mil-Spec drop-in trigger.
  • Compatible with all Mil-Spec and most aftermarket grips.
  • Used by the top shooters; designed for Sub Minute of Angle (MOA) accuracy



  • Manufacturer: Kaiser.US
  • Color: Black
  • Model: X-7 BLACKBIRD
  • Insert Material: Titanium & Aluminum Anodized Inserts
  • X-7 Lightweight: 9 oz, Complete set
  • Texturing: Non-Slip
  • Grip Screw: Skeletonized Titanium Grip Screw ¼-20 x 1″ of Threads
  • Ejection Port Cover (EPC): Proprietary for X-7 EPC /Spring /Rods
  • V2 System: Anti-Walk Trigger Pins Proprietary for X-7 Anti-Walk Trigger Pins 2pcs,
    Trigger Pin Screws 2pcs, Allen Wrenches 2pc
  • Safety: Dual or Ambidextrous (Ambi)
  • Recoil: Light
  • Forward Assist: Eliminated
  • Water: Zero Corrosion
  • Durability: Impact Resistant
  • Maintenance: No Oil or Lubrication Necessary


Colored / Painted/Accessories May not match X-7 Set could be shades off

Kaiser US: X-7 Receiver Set is Comparable with Mil-Spec Parts

More Information
Product Type AR-15 Receiver Set
Manufacturer Kaiser US
Color Black
Option AR-15

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