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Kratos Design Group Low-Profile Gas Block w/ Witness Hole - .750"

Gas Block

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Kratos Design Group Low-Profile Gas Block w/ Witness Hole - .750"


The Kratos Design Group Gas Block is CNC machined from precision ground 4140 steel bar stock. Featuring a .750 gas journal and a QPQ finish it is an incredibly robust low-profile gas block.

Several features throughout make the installation and maintenance easier.

  • Located directly opposite the gas port hole is a small witness hole that you can use to verify proper alignment of the gas block over the barrel’s gas port. Jordan B. is responsible for the idea behind this hole. It’s a simple and effective way to visually confirm proper alignment.
  • On the front of the gas block, there is a small hole that can be used to aid in the removal of the gas tube when needed for replacement or inspection. A 1/16″ punch can be used.
  • Our gas block also features a built-in shelf to make drilling easier when pinning the gas block to the barrel. A ⅛” drill bit and ⅛” x ⅝” steel pin is recommended.
  • Included are (3) 10-32 black oxide knurled set screws with a Rockwell hardness of C-45. We include an extra screw because they are easy to lose. Also in the package are (2) stainless steel gas tube coil pins.
    Set screw spacing: .400” Screw size: 10-32 (3/32” drive)


  • GAS BLOCK: 4140 Precision ground US steel. Heat treated and QPQ’d. Honed to 0.750″ID. Machined in TX.
  • SET SCREWS: 10-32 black oxide alloy steel knurled cup-point set screws.  Rockwell hardness of C-45. Allen key drive size: 3/32″. Made in the USA
    • 420 Stainless Steel coil pin. 550 pound breaking strength, Rockwell hardness of C46. Chamfered at both ends. Made in the USA
    • Witness Hole to Verify Gas Port Alignment-Machined Shelf for Pinning To Barrel
    • Front of Gas Block Drilled For Gas Tube Removal


  • 4140 Steel
  • QPQ & Heat Treated
  • .750″ ID
  • (3) Knurled Set Screws Included
  • (2) Gas Tube Coil Pin Included
  • Made in Texas
More Information
Product Type Gas Block
Manufacturer Kratos Design Group
Gas Block Diameter .750"
Color Black

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