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Lancer Systems Nitrous Compensator .308 / 7.62mm Black

Muzzle Brake

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Lancer Systems Nitrous Compensator .308 / 7.62mm Black
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  • The Lancer NITROUS compensator is a "tunable" compensator designed for competitive shooters.

  • Engineered with a blast chamber and tunable jets, the NITROUS compensator will effectively reduce muzzle climb making for faster follow on shots.

  • In addition angled blast baffles are incorporated to reduce recoil and further stabilize the rifle.

  • Lancer incorporated two jet locations on the top of the compensator. The jets release gas from the blast chamber creating a downward force on the muzzle of the rifle. Different size jets are supplied with the compensator so the operator can customize the downward force, minimizing muzzle climb.

  • Tuning is a simple manner of changing the combination of jets until the desired effect is achieved.

  • The LNC-223-BK is made from Blacknitrided steel for 30 cal chambered rifles with a barrel threaded for a 5/8-24 muzzle device.

  • Included is a crush washer and tuning jets.

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Product Type Muzzle Brake
Manufacturer Lancer Systems

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