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LANTAC BMD Type A2, Blast Mitigation Device for the DGN556B

Muzzle Brake

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LANTAC BMD Type A2, Blast Mitigation Device for the DGN556B

The BMD®, Blast Mitigation Device is a unique blast shield that allows the muzzle brake contained inside it to continue to function as normal with regard to muzzle climb mitigation.The patent pending design features unique 'through' ports that connect the muzzle brakes vertical vents to the outside atmosphere. This feature allows the brake to function while within the device unlike other system that alter the way the original device works and inevitably remove or massively reduce efficiency.
The new Gen2 system utilises Disruptive Venting™, two Trefoil threaded ports distrupt gas flow and reduce vertical flash signature while still allowing the device within the BMD® to control muzzle rise.
Concussive muzzle blast is directed forwards, down range and away from other shooters and team mates.
Radial teeth at the exit aperture help to disrupt blast gas at it exits the device.
The BMD® mounts to the collar via a rotating lock ring.


  • Material: 4140CMV.
  • Finish: QPQ Nitride.
  • Dimensions: L: 2.780'',
  • DIA of body: 1.488''
  • Weight including Adapter: 7.85oz

Comes with appropriate timing shims & high temperature thread locker.
Full instructions included.
Note:  NOT a flash suppressor.

The BMD® is mounted to the Dragon Muzzle Brake through the use of the adapter collar.
This device comes complete with the A2 mounting collar that is designed to function with

ONLY the following non pinned & welded LANTAC Dragon™ Brakes:
DGN556B (5.56/223)
DGN9MMB (9mm 1/2x36)
DGN9MMD (9mm 1/2x28)

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Product Type Muzzle Brake
Manufacturer Lantac

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