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Bobro Engineering

Scope mounts, sights, apparel

Bobro Engineering designs and produces small arms-related equipment featuring advanced mechanical engineering. All engineering and prototype processes are performed in house at Bobro's state of the art manufacturing facility. Bobro Engineering utilizes full CNC machinery and possesses metal coating and finishing equipment. Bobro Engineering was started by Andrew Bobro in Santa Barbara, California in 1999 after 10 years of service with the United States Army. Bobro started by designing and making components for the motorcycle racing industry. These products included magnesium triple clamps, and adaptations for braking systems. The products used in motorcycle racing are subjected to high stress and must be produced to exacting standards. Valuable experience was gained by engineering and manufacturing items for this application. In 2002, Bobro Engineering began working with a California special purpose laser manufacturer. Bobro was contracted to produce the design of high output laser arrays and to engineer the instruments used in the manufacture of the lasers. Bobro was further contracted to design and build critical assemblies ranging from index systems for electron beam guns, to tiny fixtures made from platinum used in the assembly of semiconductors. Additionally, the company has produced specialized articles such as toxic waste containment interfaces and metrology equipment. Bobro has been designing and producing small arms equipment since 2000. From engineering delicate instruments to constructing parts subjected to high stress, every Bobro product is engineered and manufactured to provide the highest level of innovation and quality.

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  1. Bobro Aimpoint Micro T1 Mount
    Bobro Aimpoint Micro T1 Mount
    $147.50 - $165.00
  2. BOBRO Precision Optic Mount - 30MM - 20MOA
    BOBRO Precision Optic Mount - 30MM - 20MOA
    $257.95 - $267.95
  3. BOBRO LABX Fixed Rings 34mm Low
    BOBRO LABX Fixed Rings 34mm Low
    Out of stock
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Items 1-16 of 22

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