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Modern Tactical (ModTac) AR-15 U-RAC Universal Rail Attach Coupler Suppressor Shield

Suppressor Cover

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The Universal Rail Attach Coupler Suppressor Shield – (U-RAC) to provides a free-float suppressor cover solution for the majority of standard forend’s with top picatinny rails. Top picatinny rail systems maintain a standard height over bore, which allows the Suppressor Shield to be centered over the suppressor in a free-float configuration.


The Suppressor Shield U-RAC is based on standard picatinny top rail heights. Depending on the location of the first picatinny slot, the U-RAC will fit most rail systems and can be used in combination with a wide variety of suppressor models up to 1.700″ outer diameter.


Suppressor Shields with Rail Attach Couplers are designed to be completely free floated over the barrel and suppressor. This accomplished two objectives. First, it reduces the amount of heat transferred from the rifle suppressor to the outer surface of the shield. Two, it allows for a truly zero impact shift when attaching to a rifle. Additionally having zero contact between the suppressor and the shield, reduces hot spots seen on previous generations where the thermal transfer rate was higher in certain areas.


This design has been tested and reported on by agency after agency and continues to show that about ¼” of air gap surrounding the suppressor allows air to flow in the bottom vents, and out the ends of the shield allowing for nearly 50% reduction in both cool down time and in max outer surface temperature. These lower temperatures will lengthen the life of your suppressor, compared to being kept hot with a fabric style suppressor wrap.


The carbon fiber rigid outer hull is both impact and heat resistant, allowing for a drastic reduction in temperature for hot suppressors up to or exceeding 1200 Degrees F, while being able to take the hard abuse that weapons see on the battle field.


The U-RAC is a great option for every day shooters, law enforcement officers, soldiers, operators and government agencies who are using suppressors and see the harsh but inevitable effects of a hot suppressor.


CompatabilityThe U-RAC is compatible with Suppressors 1.00″ to 1.70″



  • Hardware: 
    • Aluminum hardware provides a strong, light coupler.
  • Attaching Mechanism
    • Free-float
    • 1/4 turn, quick attach/detach Suppressor Shield
    • Recoil proof design
  • Design
    • Air gap provides air circulation around suppressor.
    • Vents are placed to minimize mirage and maximize air flow.
    • Free-float design reduces heat transfer from suppressor to Suppressor Shield.
  • Materials
    • High Temperature resin will withstand suppressor temperatures of up to 1,200°F for short periods of time.
    • Filament wound carbon fiber provides unparalleled rigidity/strength to weight ratio.
    • Carbon Fiber possesses a low thermal transfer rate, protecting the operator and equipment.
    • Cerakote coating provides a long-lasting, durable surface.
  • Weights
    • 5.0" - 5 oz.
    • 5.5" - 5.3 oz.
    • 6.0" - 5.7 oz.
    • 6.5" - 5.9 oz.
    • 7.0" - 6 oz.
    • 7.5" - 6.1 oz.
    • 8.0" - 6.6 oz.
    • 8.5" - 6.8 oz.




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SKU 18B-004-DS
Product Type Suppressor Cover
Manufacturer Modern Tactical Creations, LLC

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