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Due to the ongoing and changing COVID-19 situation, we are currently using the SilencerShop kiosk system for all of our NFA transfers.

Before coming in to initiate your transfer, please take a moment to set up an account on SilencerShop.com.  Once your account is established, you can come in and use the Powered by SilencerShop kiosk to scan your fingerprints, input Form 4 data, and digitize your signature.  The SilencerShop smartphone app can take your ID photo.  We will assign the NFA item to your account and submit the data for processing.  You will need to purchase the $205 NFA Tax Stamp from the Silencer Shop online store.  After these steps are completed, all of the information is compiled, digital signatures are collected, and the finished Form 4 is then printed out and mailed to the ATF.

SilencerShop will contact you via email to update you through the various stages of the NFA transfer process.

There is a $25 fee that SilencerShop charges for each serial number that is processed in this way, which is close to the fees you could expect to pay for passport photos and  fingerprint cards collected separately.