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We now exclusivley use SilencerShop kiosk system for all of our NFA transfers.

Before coming in to initiate your transfer, please take a moment to set up an account on SilencerShop.com.  Once your account is established, you can come in and use the Powered by SilencerShop kiosk to scan your fingerprints, input Form 4 data, and digitize your signature.  You will need to use the SilencerShop smartphone app to capture and upload you ID photo.  You will need to purchase the $205 NFA Tax Stamp from the Silencer Shop online store. 

SilencerShop will contact you via email to update you through the various stages of the NFA transfer process.

SilencerShop charges a $25 fee for each serial number that is processed in this way, and that will be added to your invoice at the time of transfer.  This fee is similar in cost to the fees you could expect to pay for passport photos and fingerprint cards collected separately.


Before you call your Dealer to Certify your NFA item through eForms.

With eForms up and running, you will also need to make an eForms account at eforms.atf.gov, there you will be issued a USERNAME and you will create a PIN number, you will need both of these to CERTIFY your NFA item. Please be sure to use the same email and name that matches your Silencer Shop account.  Once your NFA item is uploaded and everything on your end is done, you will get an email from Silencer Shop that you are ready to CERTIFY your NFA item.  Whether you are submitting as an INDIVIDUAL or a TRUST you can call or come into the storefront in person to to CERTIFY. If you chose to call, you will need to be at a computer, mobile devices will not work. Once it is CERTIFIED, your FORM 4 is SUBMITTED to the ATF at the same time.  You will get 2 emails from [email protected] that day.  One will be your TAX STAMP RECIEPT and the other will be your FORM 4 DRAFT (It will be blank for the most part).  In roughly 8 to 9 months you will get your TAX STAMP emailed to you from [email protected], please print that and bring it in for verification to pick up your NFA item.

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