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Otis AR15 / M16 Cleaning System

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Otis AR15 / M16 Cleaning System


This 8 oz. cleaning system replaces over 3 lbs. of conventional gear. With the flexible cleaning rod it is only possible to clean correctly, from breech to muzzle. The receiver, locking lugs, chamber, shoulder and neck can easily be cleaned. Bore obstructions, mud or snow, can be dislodged out the muzzle end.

Designed for .223 cal./5.56MM and .308 cal./7.62MM firearms.

- 8" and 30" Memory-Flex® Cables for effective and correct Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning
- Four (4) bronze bore brushes remove copper deposits and other fouling
- Solvent/cleaner helps clean, lubricate and protect the barrel in one efficient step
- Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 2 1/2"


SKU: FG-223-9 BX

More Information
SKU FG-223-9
Manufacturer Otis Technologies
Finish black
Barrel Length 18"
Caliber .308 / 7.62
Gas Length Intermediate
Configuration AR-15
Option AR15
Rail Length 12"
Mount Picatinny
Size 9 Slot