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Primary Weapons Systems Enhanced Buffer Tube, Mil-Spec Gen 2, Ratchet Lock Endplate w/Lock Castle Nut

Buffer Tube

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PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube, Mil-Spec Gen 2, Ratchet Lock endplate w/Lock castlenut


The PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube MOD 2 is the next generation of PWS enhanced buffer tubes that lowers the weight and the price with some very unique features compared to competing buffer tubes. Impact extruded from the stronger 7075 aluminum it is optimized for strength and rigidity. Anodized with a Mil-Spec type 3 black finish to exceed normal standards of hardness and corrosion protection. Additional lightening cuts in the rear end of the buffer tube in addition to the fluting on the sides reduces weight. The PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube MOD 2 tube retains the anti-tilt feature that supports the rear end of the bolt carrier to ensure smooth cycling and no bumping the front of the buffer tube from carrier tilt.

All AR-15 carriers tilt to some degree, some more than others, especially with piston guns so this feature is definitely worthwhile. The additional drain holes are also retained on the EBT MOD 2, so there are 3 drain holes in the bottom that is the most of any buffer tube on the market. The biggest change on the PWS MOD 2 buffer tube is the new Ratchet-Lock design of the castle nut and end plate. The PWS end plate has a QD swivel stud on the bottom rear and has a detent that engages ratchet notches on the PWS castle nut that creates a ratchet locking system making staking of the castle nut unnecessary. So now you can have all these features with a very quick, simple, rock solid lockup.

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Product Type Buffer Tube
Manufacturer Primary Weapon Systems

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