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Red Dirt USA ST Staccato Flat Adjustable Aluminum Trigger - F4


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Red Dirt USA ST Staccato Flat Adjustable Aluminum Trigger - F4

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Say goodbye to the inaccurate, time consuming way of adjusting the pretravel on your single stack and double stack 1911 style pistols. With the speed tuned trigger (st trigger for short) they replaced the pretravel tabs on the trigger bow with a flat faced hex screw. This allows the user to precisely and quickly tune the pretravel of their trigger perfectly to their liking. Unlike other triggers, the st trigger is adjusted with the hammer cocked giving you the perfect pretravel adjustment in minutes.

The ST trigger has been thoroughly tested for multiple shooting seasons outperforming all expectations.


  • Weight: 5 oz.
  • Dimensions: 5x5x2 in.


  • Milled aluminum trigger shoe with over travel screw extra long allen key for adjustments milled stainless steel bow
  • All competitors used pressed and bent sheet metal extra pretravel hex screws – 1 short, 1 long loctite

Please NOTE: Not compatible with the Staccato CS

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SKU 13X-F4
Product Type Trigger
Manufacturer Red Dirt USA
Platform Staccato

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