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Slip 2000 Carbon Killer - 15 oz

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Slip 2000 Carbon Killer - 15 oz


Carbon Killer removes carbon, grease, lead and plastic fouling on contact. It is an aggressive cleaner designed to make cleaning easy for even extremely dirty and neglected parts.


  • User Friendly
  • Slip 2000 cleaners are what they like to call "user friendly." their lubricants are safe to handle with your bare hands, release no harmful fumes, and won't stink up your home or workshop. Despite being safe to handle, their cleaners are very effective in cleaning some of the toughest grime and buildup.
  • Effective
  • Slip 2000 lubricants penetrate powder residue, carbon, copper, lead, and plastic wad fouling. This allows it break contaminants free and flush away trapped dirt, grit and grime. What is left behind is a barrier that has bonded with the metal and will continue to lubricate and protect against corrosion. This barrier does not attract dust and will keep new firing residue from bonding to the metal. After your first complete cleaning with Slip 2000 you will see an amazing difference in the time and ease with which your next cleaning will take place.
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