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Sons Of Liberty Gun Works Liberty Broadsword 89 Receiver Set

AR-15 Receiver Set

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The BROADSWORD-89 receivers take what they loved about the BROADSWORD and make the handguard lockup even more stout than before. With relief cuts on the face of the upper receiver, the BROADSWORD-89 upper seamlessly integrates with their M89/L89 handguards. This enhanced lockup reduces rail flex even further, so aggressive bipod and barricade loading will have the least impact on POI shift of any combination they’ve ever tested.

As before, the BROADSWORD receivers have a few notable features that their standard Forged receivers do not:

  • The upper receiver is significantly reinforced along its entire profile to stiffen the interface between the barrel, handguard, and mounted optics.
  • The Grip tang has been moved ½” rearward to optimize finger positioning on the trigger shoe, for reduced fatigue and increased ergonomics. The use of the FCD ESF end plate is suggested as grips with extended tangs with otherwise protrude beyond the rear of the receiver.
  • The lower receiver features a Right Side Bolt Release for convenient reloading from prone positions. (RH bolt release assembly included).
  • The Forward Assist has been shifted forward so left handed manipulations of the charging handle have added clearance.
  • The magazine well is significantly flared.
  • The trigger guard is integral and highly radiused for comfort.
More Information
Product Type AR-15 Receiver Set
Manufacturer Sons of Liberty Gun Works
Color Black
Platform AR-15

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