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Unity Tactical Hot Button Surefire 7" Cable Picatinny Rail Mounted - Black

Flashlight Accessory

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Unity Tactical Hot Button Surefire 9" Cable Picatinny Rail Mounted - Black


The first major innovation is the button angle. Legacy remote tape switches feature a flat pad that forces users to strain their thumbs in an unnatural angle to apply consistent pressure to activate a momentary function. Hot Button presents the activation button at a 45-degree angle for an exponentially more comfortable press. This is especially important when activating the button under pressure. A raised, crenelated bezel protects the button from accidental actuation, while providing a tactile index point for the user’s thumb. Because Hot Button is angled, the overall footprint is much smaller than factory OEM pressure pads. Not only does this clean up rails on traditional weapons, but it greatly increases the accessory layout options on smaller SMG and PDW’s.

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Product Type Flashlight Accessory
Manufacturer Unity Tactical
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