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SIG P365 X Macro Custom: Danger Close Armament Style

Custom P365 X Macro by Danger Close Armament
April 7, 2024 525 view(s)

SIG P365 X Macro Custom: Danger Close Armament Style

Concealed carry isn't just about a firearm; it's about finding a reliable firearm that fits your style and, most importantly, works when you need it to. Less pragmatically significant than functionality is the appeal of aesthetics. Do you need a SIG P365 X Macro Custom pistol with hours of individualization behind it? 

Not at all. You can buy one off the shelf. But why not indulge your desire for something that looks badass? 

This is America!

Danger Close Armament Custom P365 X Macro

With those things in mind, and only after much consideration, I settled on the Sig Sauer P365 X-Macro or my CCW pistol. It's an extremely popular choice of carry gun among firearm enthusiasts. Saying it's revered might be too strong a description, but it definitely has a very devoted (and vocal following). 



What truly gets me (and anyone who really enjoys quality, custom firearms) is the prospect of personalization. Firearms are more than tools; they're an extension of ourselves. 

Enter Danger Close Armament and its custom build-out capabilities. Their brain texture stippling for the grip module was nothing short of artistry. The moment I first saw it, I knew this was an option I had to have on my X-Macro. It wasn't just visually striking; it felt like it was made for my hand.  

However, my process towards this personalized perfection wasn't straightforward. Browsing the Danger Close Armament selection online, I noticed a gap - they didn't have a specific build option for the P365 X-Macro. Determined to bring my vision to life, I reached out through their website portal. 

To my surprise, DCA's shop manager, John Reel, promptly responded to my inquiry. This sparked a conversation that would ultimately transform my firearm entirely.

Originally, I intended solely to enhance the grip module with the Danger Close Armament brain textured stippling. But as discussions progressed, I found myself drawn to their slide milling with the level 2 package. Their Cerakote service was the cherry on top, and the multicam tropic finish had me sold.

I already owned the DCA-365 Select Match Barrel 3.1”. Envisioning how seamlessly it would integrate with the compensated slide. The gold accents of the barrel perfectly complemented the subtle gold hints in the Multi Cam Tropic print, resulting in an aesthetic that surpassed my expectations.

gold SIG P365 magazine extension by Tyrant Designs

The X Macro's 17-round capacity magazine is already impressive, but the addition of P365 magazine extensions like these by Tyrant Design CNC bumps that up even further. Total capacity will depend on which extendo you choose. 


Adding another hint of gold, I went with the Tyrant Design Slide Cap. The weapon light I chose was the Streamlight TLR-7A. I paired the WML with the Tactical Development TRL-7A Key to get the light sitting up tight against the trigger guard, removing the wiggle you can experience with OEM keys.

Streamlight TLR-7A micro weapon light

I completed my list of upgrades with a Holosun EPS Carry green dot. That is hands down the best-enclosed optic in this footprint. In my opinion, anyway.

The trigger, along with the Armory Craft P365 Ultimate Master Spring Tuning Kit, was the final piece of the puzzle. I opted for the enhanced Dual Flat-Faced SIG P365 Trigger from Tactical Development, sealing the deal on my customization.

As I delved deeper into the customization process, John Reel provided renderings, ensuring every detail was aligned.

Three months. That's how long the transformation took.

But every moment spent crafting this masterpiece felt invaluable. The culmination of meticulous planning and expert craftsmanship birthed a one-of-a-kind P365 X-Macro, a gem in my collection, unrivaled and truly unique.

Whether you want to order Danger Close Armament parts (or guns) here at Rainier Arms or are looking for something specific you can't seem to find elsewhere, DCA has the accessories and complete, built-out pistols you'll need. Contact them on their website if you have questions! 

P365 X Macro custom by Danger Close Armament

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