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M.A.R.S. Glock Mag Release: Magazine Advanced Release System

MARS Ambi Glock mag release
February 20, 2024 959 view(s)

M.A.R.S. Glock Mag Release: Magazine Advanced Release System

The Rainier Arms M.A.R.S. (Magazine Advanced Release System) is a Glock mag release designed by Battleline Industries. This is not your typical extended mag release, but it might well be one of the most interesting Glock parts available in the aftermarket. 

Below, you'll find an overview and how-to guide. This isn't one of those Glock accessories that's difficult to install. You won't need an array of gun tools or a gunsmithing degree to get it working, but it will require just a little patience. 

And you will definitely want to train with it for familiarity before depending on that particular pistol as a defensive tool. 

This report will cover the following: 


Rainier Arms MARS ambidextrous Glock magazine release


How to install M.A.R.S.

Parts and other ingredients:

  • 1 Rainier Arms M.A.R.S. ambi extended mag release
  • 1 Glock Gen 1-3 (update: now 4-5!) required; 1 Agency Arms Hybrid Special optional
  • 1 Punch pin 3/32 or screwdriver
  • 1 Jake Hoback Kwaiback (completely optional - mine basically served as a sexy box cutter)


Jake Hoback KwaibackRainier Arms M.A.R.S. unboxingRainier Arms M.A.R.S. unboxing 2Rainier Arms M.A.R.S. unboxing 3Rainier Arms M.A.R.S. unboxing 4Rainier Arms M.A.R.S. unboxing 5



  • Remove the magazine and slide with barrel components 
  • Separate all parts and contain them so nothing rolls away and gets lost 
  • Using a flathead screwdriver or punch pin remove the roll pin spring
    • a. Push “away and out” to remove from notch (following the guide)

Roll pin spring removal

  • Remove the previous OEM mag release
  • Insert MARS device
  • Reinsert the roll pin spring and align into groove

Roll pin insert

  • Make sure to hear the “click” that roll pin is securely in place

Glock with M.A.R.S. mounted

As you can see, this is not your typical Glock extended magazine release. 


Preliminary Conclusions:

The MARS seems to be a no-brainer to me for left-handed shooters. Just the advantage of being able to manipulate the release with your thumb would be well worth the purchase. However, it has its fair share of goodies for the right-handed shooter as well. The MARS opens up different combinations of release manipulation.

Adding different layers to those who are pushing their skills with scenario-based training: weak hand defense options, obstruction/barricade, and attacking corners. Training plans can be configured around the options that the MARS provides. I am extremely impressed by the MARS and its potential. The results do match the hype.

Updates to this review will be added after a few more months of training with the MARS. If you’re an individual who loves activities that test mind and body, then you’ll really love the challenge that the MARS brings.


"Given enough time, any man may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man may become wise. It is the true warrior who can master both... and surpass the result." - Tien T'ai



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