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Aftermarket Triggers for the CZ Scorpion EVO 3

Aftermarket Triggers for the CZ Scorpion EVO 3
August 14, 2017 11890 view(s)

Aftermarket Triggers for the CZ Scorpion EVO 3

"Aftermarket Triggers for the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 listed from Left to Right: CZ stock, HBI Delta in black and red, HBI Theta Forward in black and red, Shooter's Element, and Nelson Precision Stinger."





Back with CZ Scorpion EVO 3


And we're back again, talking about more aftermarket Scorpion accessories.  This time, I've finally gotten done with testing the accessories that you seem most interested in - the triggers.


Now, we probably need to clear a few things up before we get too deep into the actual aftermarket parts.  When most people say they "don't like the trigger," they actually mean that they don't like the weight of the trigger pull or the feel of the trigger pull.  In the case of the Scorpion, that has very little to do with the part that CZ calls the trigger.  It's more a function of the trigger spring and the interaction between the hammer and the trigger housing than the actual physical trigger.


The CZ Scorpion trigger pack
The CZ Scorpion trigger pack has a lot of components that influence the trigger pull.


Most of the aftermarket triggers change the pull weight by changing the geometry and length of pull of the trigger.  This provides greater leverage, which lowers pull weight.  While the pull weight may be reduced, most aftermarket triggers will do nothing by themselves about the pre-travel (the distance the trigger travels before the gun fires) or the over-travel (the distance the trigger travels after the gun fires).  Any grit in the trigger pull will be greatly reduced by the increased leverage of the aftermarket triggers, but may not be fully eliminated.  However, many of the companies that offer triggers also offer trigger jobs/installation.  So, with that in mind, let's dive in.


HB Industries


Delta trigger in black


Delta trigger in red
HBI's Delta trigger in black and red 


HBI offers multiple trigger-related products.  They offer three different triggers - the flat Theta Stock and Theta Forward, and the curved Delta trigger (MSRP $34).  All three triggers are available in black or red for that extra bit of flair on the range.  The Theta Stock is a flat-faced trigger with the same length of pull as the stock CZ trigger.  The Theta Forward and Delta are both forward triggers, as the face of their triggers is 5mm further forward than the face of the factory trigger.  This design increases leverage, meaning you don't need to apply as much effort to pull the trigger.  It also increases the length of pull by approximately 1mm, so if you have small hands, you may need to keep that in mind, and look at the Theta Stock instead.


The HBI spring kit
The HBI spring kit is only three pieces, but it can drop your trigger pull by over 4 pounds.


Even more important than the triggers, HBI offers a spring set (MSRP $9).  In my testing, switching out the springs - and only the springs - dropped my trigger pull by over four pounds.  Several of the companies that offer trigger work use HBI's springs when they install their own trigger.  HBI does offer trigger installation as well.


As far as feel goes, I enjoyed the forward set.  I have pretty big hands, so that extra 5mm just seemed to make it a bit more comfortable.  Whether to go with the flat face or curved is a bit of a toss-up to me.  I enjoyed both, and I didn't notice a huge difference between the two, so it's really shooter's preference.  I should point out that the curved trigger is much smoother than the CZ factory curved, so there is an improvement in feel there as well.


HBI's Theta Forward trigger in black
HBI's Theta Forward trigger in black (above) and red (below).


HBI's Theta Forward trigger in red


Shooter's Element


The Shooter's Element trigger
The Shooter's Element trigger maximizes your length of pull for that additional leverage.


Shooter's Element makes a flat trigger as well (MSRP $34.99), and it is also available in black and red.  SE's trigger is forward set, but a little further forward than the HBI (approximately 1-2mm).  It was the furthest forward set of all the triggers I tested, so if you're really looking to extend that length of pull, the SE trigger is probably right up your alley.  It's a very simple trigger, with nice clean lines, and a good feel to it.  Once again, I have pretty big hands, so the SE trigger felt great to me.


Shooter's Element also offers trigger installation, as well as trigger jobs (MSRP $50-$70).


Nelson Precision Manufacturing


The Nelson Precision trigger
The Nelson Precision trigger has aggressive serrations for maximum control, coupled with a sleek look.




Nelson offers the most unique of the flat faced triggers - the Stinger (MSRP $32).  It has the same length of pull as the original trigger, so no worries if you have smaller hands.  What's really unique about the trigger is the serrations.  The factory CZ serrations run up and down the trigger.  Nelson's run across the trigger.  It's a very aggressive design.  If you were looking at a flat-faced trigger, but worried that a smooth trigger might result in slipping, Nelson has you covered.  Also, if you run heavy gloves due to weather or work requirements, look at the Stinger.


CZ Custom


CZ Custom's trigger pack
CZ Custom's trigger pack, including hammer and spring, and disconnector.


To call CZ Custom's trigger pack just an aftermarket trigger is a serious understatement.  While the trigger pack (MSRP $221.46) and disconnector (MSRP $57.12) are much pricier than the other options, there's a reason, and it's not just the brand name.  The CZ Custom trigger is designed from the ground up to fix the issues with the stock trigger.  The sear hooks on the trigger housing are shortened by .02-.03" (by my calipers), and they have added pre-travel and over-travel adjustment screws, as you can see in the photo below.  In practice, this means you can shorten up your pull to a nice, crisp wall and a very quick reset.  By my gauge, the actual pull weight was reduced to a little less than the HBI springs final weight, but without all the excess movement of the stock trigger housing.  CZ Custom also offers their trigger in silver, and they sell an HBI Theta Forward trigger specifically designed for their trigger pack.


Screws design
Here you can see the pre-travel and over-travel screws that CZ Custom designed into their trigger. Also note the vastly improved machining in the CZ Custom trigger housing versus the stock housing.


Now, an important point to note.  I did the installation myself.  It was quite easy, only requiring minor fitting at the interface between the trigger housing and safety.  I did this instead of sending it to CZ Custom because I wanted to test exactly how simple it would be for a person with an average level of gun-building competency.  CZ Custom offers a full install that promises an even lower pull weight.  While I didn't achieve their levels, I have zero doubt that in their hands it would live up to their advertising 100%.




If you're looking to upgrade your trigger, you have lots of options.  If cost is a major factor, I recommend starting with the HBI springs.  See where that takes you.  If you get into pistol caliber carbine competition and really need that competitive edge, or if the trigger still bothers you that much, seriously consider the CZ Custom.  Either path you choose, it will be a massive improvement over the stock trigger.


I hope this has been helpful.  If so, feel free to share.  As always, Rainier Arms stands ready to help you Pursue Your Passion.


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