Firearms manufacturer profiles on Rainier Arms. Check out the most popular brands and major high-quality manufacturers from the firearms industry.


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Daniel Defense

Lighter. Stronger. Better...

At the turn of the 21st century, firearms enthusiast and lifelong shooter, Marty Daniel, had multiple concepts and designs he thought would greatly improve his ...

Dark Angel Medical

Trauma kits, first aid kits, components, gear

Dark Angel Medical is a veteran-owned and operated business which sells innovative personal trauma kits and educates their supporters and customers in basic, li...

Dead Air Armament

The finest instruments of silence

Dead Air Armament manufactures high-quality suppressors, silencers and muzzle devices. Dead Air Armament was founded by Mike Pappas in 2014.

Dead Foot Arms

Firearm folds, parts, accessories

Dead Foot Arms LLC designs, develops, assembles, and markets innovative firearm parts of the highest quality for demanding applications in the commercial, law e...

Defiance by Kriss USA

Defiance Sporting Rifles

Defiance by Kriss USA rifles have the impressive build quality and high levels of customizability. Check out our Defiance AR-15 polymer rifle sights offer. A...

Dewey Rods

Firearms cleaning kits, rods, parts, accessories

Dewey Manufacturing has been supplying Sportsman, Law Enforcement, Competitors and Collectors with the highest quality gun cleaning rods and supplies in the ind...

DI Optical

Firearms sights, optics

D.I. Optical has over 26 years of commitment to the research and development of sight solutions for small arms and machine guns. In 1986, they started as a te...


Firearms, parts, accessories

DPMS (Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services) was founded in 1985 by Randy Luth as a small government contract consulting company. The company served as a p...

DPM Systems Technologies

Diamondhead USA

Advanced combat solutions

Diamondhead USA, is a West Springfield, Massachusetts company. They are nationally known and respected as a leading design innovator, manufacturer and distribut...

Doubletap Ammo

Premium small arms ammunition

Founded in 2002, Doubletap Ammunition has rapidly gained a reputation for powerful, reliable and accurate ammunition. They continue to be at the cutting edge of...

Elevated Technologies

Elevate your shooting experience

Elevated Technologies was founded with one simple principle in mind - Utilize modern manufacturing technologies, and breakthrough approaches in 3D design to cre...

Eleven 10

Self-Aid / Buddy-Aid Medical Gear

Eleven 10, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is a manufacturer of high-quality law enforcement and military gear that is proudly made in the USA. Get your own compact m...

Foxtrot Mike

F-1 Firearms

Firearms manufacturer of AR components and complete systems

F-1 Firearms is Texas Proud Firearms Manufacturer of AR components and complete firearms systems. F-1 produces finest semi-automatic weapon systems on the plane...

F4 Defense

AR15 Rifle and AR15 Accessories Manufacturer

F4 Defense is a Defense Company in Leonardtown, Maryland launched at TriggrCon 2017. A small arms manufacturer with decades of military, engineering, design and...

Items 65 to 80 of 313 total

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