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How to Choose the Best Glock Compensator

How to Choose the Best Glock Compensator
July 11, 2023 254 view(s)

How to Choose the Best Glock Compensator

Let’s talk about accessories that aren’t mandatory on your Glock handgun, but still can be used to spice up your Glock build a bit more.

And not just its looks, but its performance too.

Let’s talk about Glock compensators.

Table of contents:

What is Compensator

A compensator, in general, is a barrel accessory with the purpose to reduce the recoil or muzzle rise when firing the gun.

When you shoot a gun, especially a powerful one like Glock, the force it generates pushes it backward causing the muzzle to rise. This makes it harder to control and aim the gun especially when trying to deliver multiple shots quickly.

How compensator works?

It works by redirecting some of the generated gas when the gun is fired. It has specially designed ports or holes that allow the gas to escape in a controlled manner. As the gas is expelled from these ports, it creates a countering force that pushes the gun downward, reducing the amount of recoil and muzzle rise.

By reducing the recoil and muzzle rise, a compensator can make it easier to stay on target and shoot more accurately. It also helps with follow-up shots, as the gun is more stable in your hand and returns to its original position faster.

Pros and Cons of Compensators

There’s a reason why Glock compensators are popular among firearm enthusiasts. And all that comes from these benefits:

  • Recoil reduction - the main benefit that will reduce the recoil you feel during shooting.
  • Muzzle control - the muzzle rise is mitigated.
  • Faster target transition - as you have better control over your gun, you can acquire targets faster.
  • Better accuracy - the same goes here.
  • More comfort - you’ll have more comfort while shooting especially during long shooting sessions.

However, despite having all those benefits, there are some downsides to adding a compensator to your Glock.

  • Increased length - compensator will increase your Glock length.
  • More weight - depending on the material, the compensator may affect your Glock weight, especially if it’s made of steel.
  • Holster compatibility - with increased size and weight, you can create a problem with some holsters.
  • Flash signature - this won’t affect your performance but will surely affect your visibility on the field.
  • Ammo choice - some compensators work best with specific ammo, so consider this before making a purchase.
  • Cost - you’ll have to spend more money as the original Glock doesn’t have a compensator.

Choosing the Right Compensator

Choosing the right compensator is not like “I like how this one looks. I’m gonna buy it!”. It’s a little bit more complex than that.

But, no need to worry, we will cover those factors so next time you choose a compensator it will be an easy job.


Picking the right material affects the compensator's durability and strength. This will also affect its effectiveness.

The most commonly used materials are aluminum and stainless steel.

Let’s cover the differences between these two.

Aluminum is lightweight compared to stainless steel, but on the other hand, stainless steel is stronger than aluminum.

Stainless steel has better corrosion resistance properties than aluminum. Don’t get confused here, aluminum is also corrosion-resistant but is require additional coatings to improve it.

Aluminum is cheaper than stainless steel.

And for the end, aluminum has a silver-gray appearance and supports various coatings to make it more attractive. Stainless steel can be polished to a high luster.


You know there are lots of Glock models and different generations.

Although, parts may be interchangeable between some Glocks, not all parts are universal. Otherwise, all Glocks would be completely the same and won’t appear in different generations and models.

So, you’ve seen that compensator, but you’re unsure if is it compatible. Well, you need to know the model and generation of your Glock handgun.

Then check compensator specifications.

If they match, then voila, you can proceed with purchasing.

Ease of Use

Are you new to Glock compensators or you’re already familiar with all its specifications?

Well, if you’re a newbie we may suggest checking the compensator design. Some compensators come with a user-friendly design. This means you can easily attach it and use it.

On the other hand, if you’re an experienced shooter or gunsmith, you can turn to those a little bit more complex.


Of course, price is almost the most common factor among all firearms and firearm parts. The same applies to Glocks too.

How much money are you willing to spend on your compensator will dictate the offerings you have in front of you.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t find quality pieces for a low amount of money. Not all low-priced parts are bad in quality. Yet, we suggest looking out there for reviews if you have a specific brand in your mind.


The weight and height of the compensator may play an important role in your choice.

By their nature, compensators should lower recoil and muzzle rise, however, if they are too big, they may impact the overall handling of the handgun or add too much weight at the front.

Not comfortable for some shooters for sure.

If you prefer having better handling of your gun or are more comfortable with light firearms, consider ergonomics too.

All in all, these factors may less or more affect your choice for the next purchase, but each shooter has its combination of these factors. So, make your own and stick to it if you find it comfortable for your shooting.

Best Glock Compensators Out There

Here we will provide you with our list of best Glock compensators. Note: this is just our opinion and our list.

  1. ZEV Technologies 9MM PRO Compensator
  2. Arms Republic 9mm Compensator
  3. Killer Innovations Velocity Compensator
  4. Agency Arms 417 Compensator
  5. Tyrant Designs T-Comp Compensator 

1. ZEV Technologies 9MM PRO Compensator

ZEV Technologies 9MM PRO Compensator

The ZEV Technologies compensator is made to work with Glock 19 models, however, you can use it on almost any 9mm Glock with the corresponding barrel.

It’s made of aluminum meaning it’s a lightweight model if you prefer lighter attachments. However, corrosion resistance is lifted with Black Type III Hard Anodize finishing so you’ll get a light yet very resistant compensator with this one.

The compensator works with 1/2x28 threading.

Price: $101.92
Get yours here!

2. Arms Republic 9mm Compensator

Arms Republic 9mm Compensator

If in your arsenal you have Gen 4 Glock you want to upgrade, then we recommend the Agency Arms compensator, made for 9mm Glock models.

It’s compatible with all 4th Gen Glocks. It’s made of 6061 T6 Aluminum which ensures the part is lightweight yet durable and strong.

It features a single top port design which will maximize the compensator effectiveness. As a result, this delivers reduced muzzle rise which will help you in faster follow-up shots.

Price: $59.95
Get yours here!

3. Killer Innovations Velocity Compensator

Killer Innovations Velocity Compensator

The Killer Innovations compensator we recommend here is for Gen 5 Glock owners. It’s made of aluminum (7075 T6 to be more specific) ensuring it’s light and durable of course.

It has a black nitride finish on harder which is extremely corrosion-resistant thanks to the QPQ method used.

As for compatibility in general, it is made for 9mm barrels and works best if you already own Killer Innovations Velocity Mod 2 barrel. With this barrel, you won’t need any tools to attach it, just a little bit of knowledge as these two parts make it easy to install.

Price: $104.49
Get yours here!

4. Agency Arms 417 Compensator - Gold

Agency Arms 417 Compensator - Gold

Combination of performance and aesthetics - that’s Agency Arms 417 Compensator.

If you want to add something attention-grabbing to your handgun yet have good performance, then consider this one when evaluating offers.

It is made of 7075 Aluminum - strong, durable, and lightweight. But what we love the most is the golden color, it can’t go unnoticed. 

The compensator works with Glock Gen 4 and supported models are 17, 19, and 34. It only works with these models, so compatibility is quite a downside for this compensator. But if you’re lucky enough to own any of these, then you can grab and attach this one.

Price: $100.00
Get yours here! Currently out of stock!

5. Tyrant Designs T-Comp Compensator

Tyrant Designs T-Comp Compensator

Generation 3 Glock model compensator is here, made by Tyrant Designs company.

It’s made to dramatically reduce muzzle rise and sensed recoil which allows faster target acquisition and delivery of fast follow-up shots.

Supported threads are 1/2x28 barrels and function with most grain ammo which is great.

The T-Comp features a two-piece design making it quick and easy to attach, even without any tools.

All in all, a high-quality model with a mid-price point, starting at $80.

Price: $80.95
Get yours here!

How to Install Glock Compensator

Now, after you got your compensator, it’s time to install it on your Glock.

First, you need to have a threaded barrel on your Glock. If you don’t know what a threaded barrel is, check out our article The Top 10 Glock Barrels for Enhanced Accuracy which dives deeper into the Glock barrels topic.

Generally speaking, you first have to remove the slide from your Glock handgun. Of course, before that, ensure it’s empty.

When you remove the slide, you have to remove the recoil spring from your barrel.

After you remove the recoil spring, inspect the barrel thread. It has to be clean and free of debris and obstructions. If needed, clean it.

Apply thread locker. It helps secure the compensator in place and prevent it from loosening during use.

Attach the compensator and make sure it aligns properly with the barrel’s threads. Tighten the compensator, but don’t overtighten it. Check the manufacturer's recommendations.

Finally, reassemble all parts into place.

If this is a little bit confusing to you, check the video below.

Final Words

Compensators are a great attachment for your Glock handgun as they can improve your accuracy, target acquisition, and overall control over your firearm.

They are a great addition for almost every situation except for concealed carry as it increases the gun length so pay attention to this as you’ll probably need a different holster to carry Glock with a compensator.

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