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Choosing the Best Glock Iron Sights

Choosing the Best Glock Iron Sights
July 6, 2023 1284 view(s)

Choosing the Best Glock Iron Sights

Of course, accuracy is one of the most important things when you buy a new handgun.

When it comes to Glock handguns, their original factory sights are not so perfect, especially in night conditions.

It seems like Glock just doesn’t want to invest more effort and produce quality sights as probably most buyers will swap those OEM sights with aftermarket models.

If you’re the owner of this handgun, you probably know what we’re talking about. On the other hand, if you’re a newbie in the Glock world, looking forward to buying one or upgrading it, then this article is for you.

We will try to cover as many aspects of this as possible and make it easier for you to choose the right sight for your handgun. Let’s begin.

This is a part of our ongoing series about Glock upgrades

Why Changing the Glock Sight

As we said in the introduction, the Glock doesn’t put too much emphasis on their sights, making them just say their handguns have the iron sight.

They are made of plastic that’s not so durable when it comes to usage in harsh conditions. You also don’t want to drop it a few times on a solid surface or it may break or leave scratches and surely damage your sight.

Another flaw in default Glock sights is the lack of possibility to use them in night conditions. You can use them in case you have night vision sights. But, in certain situations, like home defense, for example, you don’t have time to mount everything before protecting your home. In this case, you need something that’s instantly ready to shoot and protect.

These are the reasons why you should think about swapping factory-preinstalled sights for new and better aftermarket sights.

Also, iron sights are easy to install as you have to remove the original one and just add another you bought compared to red dot sights which require different types of mounts to stand still on the pistol slide.

Types of Glock Iron Sights

As for every other part of the Glock handgun, sights also come in various types and designs. Yet still, the goal of them all remains the same - helping you aim and improve your accuracy in different conditions.

Here are the most common types of Glock iron sights:

Standard sights - Default sights that come preinstalled on most Glocks. These sights are made of polymer material and consist of a white dot on the front sight and a U-shaped rear sight with a white outline. They provide a basic sight picture for general shooting purposes.

Night sights - Night sights are designed for low-light shooting conditions, They incorporate small tritium capsules that emit a glowing green or yellow light, allowing for better sight visibility in the dark. These sights are especially useful for self-defense or law enforcement applications where visibility is critical in dimly lit environments.

Adjustable sights - If you desire precise adjustments to your sight alignment, Glocks offers adjustable sights. These sights allow you to fine-tune the elevation and windage settings, adapting different shooting preferences or ammo types.

Tactical/Suppressor sights - If you’re using a suppressor on your handgun, chances are low that you’re going to easily aim with factory iron sights. This is where tactical or suppressor sights come in handy. These sights are taller than standard sights. Also, the point of impact in this case can shift, that’s why these iron signs ensure proper alignment in such scenarios.

Fiber optic sights - These sights have a colored, light-gathering rod placed on the front sight ensuring you can use these sights in low-light situations. The rod at the front captures the available light and creates a bright dot at the front helping you in easier target acquisition.

Competition sights - Made specifically for competition, these sights come with a wider rear notch and a high-visibility front sight. If you’re a competitive shooter, this will help you acquire targets faster during fast-paced shooting.

Glock Iron Sight Size

Another factor you may consider when choosing the next iron sight is size.

You already know that Glocks come in different sizes too and despite having exchangeable parts, the one-size-fits-all solution still doesn’t exist. The reason lies in different slide sizes, so you want to avoid having too small or too large sight, the goal is to have it all properly aligned.

Here are the main sizes of iron sights you can find out there.

Standard size - A most common size that comes with regular Glock. If you already own a non-customized Glock, then you probably have this sight. They’re easy to use, help you aim quickly, and work well in different situations.


  • Easy to use and quick target acquisition.
  • Versatile for various shooting scenarios.
  • Widely available and affordable.


  • Limited customization options.
  • May not provide optimal visibility in low-light conditions.

Large/Front sight  - If you prefer bigger front sights, you’ll find these helpful. They are easier to see and provide a clearer picture of your target. These sights are great for shooting at larger distances or if you need more visual feedback.


  • Enhanced visibility and clearer sight picture.
  • Ideal for longer-distance shooting.
  • Provides more visual feedback.


  • May obstruct the view of the target.
  • Can be less suitable for close-quarters shooting.

Small/Front sight - On the other hand, if you like smaller front sights, these sights are for you. They have a narrower sight picture meaning you’ll see less of the sight and more of the target. These sights are good for precision shooting or when you want a clearer view of your target.


  • Offers a narrower sight picture for a clearer view of the target.
  • Suitable for precision shooting.
  • Can reduce distractions from the front sight.


  • May be more challenging to acquire quickly.
  • Requires more precise alignment for accurate aiming.

Wide/Notch rear sight - Some sights offer wider rear sight notches. These wider notches let in more light on either side of the front sight, making it easier for you to quickly aim at different targets. They are popular for competitive shooting or when you need to switch targets fast.


  • Allows more light on either side of the front sight for faster target acquisition.
  • Effective for competitive shooting and quick target transitions.
  • Provides improved visibility in well-lit environments.


  • May be less suitable for precision shooting at longer distances.
  • Can result in less precise sight alignment.

Narrow/Notch rear sight - If you prefer a tighter sight picture, narrower rear sights are available. They will help you line up your sights more precisely on small or faraway targets, reducing distractions from your surroundings.


  • Provides a tighter sight picture for precise aiming at small or distant targets.
  • Minimizes distractions from the surroundings.
  • Suitable for accurate shooting at longer distances.


  • May require more effort to acquire targets quickly.
  • Reduced visibility in low-light conditions.

By now, we covered some most important factors that come into play when you choose your next sight

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Best Glock Iron Sights

  1. Night Fision Tritium Sight Set For Glock
  2. NIGHT FISION Suppressor Height Tritium Sight Set For Glock
  3. Devil Dog Concepts CHARPS Combat Pistol Sight Set For Glock
  4. Dead Air / KNS Precision SwitchSight Folding Pistol Sights for Glock

Night Fision Tritium Sight Set For Glock

Night Fision Tritium Sight Set For Glock

If you’re using your Glock for a home defense, chances are you’re looking for something that you can use at night and acquire potential targets fast without spreading bullets all over the place.

Night Fision is one of the few popular and well-known brands in the sights market. The tritium set is a great replacement for the standard Glock sight. In this case, it’s made of high-quality 4140 steel which ensures your sight remains intact even if you drop your gun or use it even in harsh conditions. This sight also stands fixed in place, you won’t have to worry about that either.

Sight also features the black nitride coating improving the wear and corrosion resistance.

As for the aiming points, it has an improved tritium holder that securely holds vials in place. Also, it provides maximum visibility not only at night but also at daytime situations too which we believe you will like.

Night Time iron sight is compatible with smaller and larger blocks, and if you want a list of supported Glocks, then here it is 17, 17L, 19, 19X, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39, 45.

As you can see if you were concerned about compatibility, Night Fision Tritium Sight Set supports a variety of Glocks.

Price: $97.20
Get yours here!

NIGHT FISION Suppressor Height Tritium Sight Set For Glock

NIGHT FISION Suppressor Height Tritium Sight Set For Glock

Using suppressors on your handguns is probably not so pleasant with factory iron sights. In this case, you’ll need something a little bit higher so you can aim even when the suppressor is attached to your barrel. This is why you need suppressor height sights.

As we said above what kind of a company Night Fision is, we won’t describe it now too, but we will list another model of their sights to this list.

The main difference between this iron sight and the abovementioned is its height. In this case, both front and back sights are higher moving the aiming point a little bit up but it will still provide you clear aim and better visibility of your target.

The tritium ring on the front sight also collects daylight and gives you a clear aiming point at night. However, you can expect little bit brighter aiming point even in daylight.

As for compatibility, the iron sight can work with 17, 17L, 19, 19X, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39, 45 Glocks too.

Price: $105.30
Get yours here!

Devil Dog Concepts CHARPS Combat Pistol Sight Set For Glock

Devil Dog Concepts CHARPS Combat Pistol Sight Set For Glock

The Charps pistol sight is made for 42, 43, 43X, and 48 Glocks. The iron sight comes with dual serrated front-ends and an angled center radius. This design will help you in the fast and accurate use of the rear sights and provide you with better control over your shots.

The Charps come equipped with Swiss tritium. What does this mean to you? This tritium makes a vivid green illumination in low-light conditions helping you acquire your targets in the dark. In addition, it has white plastic liners.

The sight is made with false-reducing staring-line serrations on both the rear and front sight. This is particularly useful in different lighting conditions. The rear sight is made with a press-fitting dovetail and a set screw for more strength, giving you confidence that your sights will withstand rigid use.

Price: $80.00
Get yours here!

Dead Air / KNS Precision SwitchSight Folding Pistol Sights

Dead Air / KNS Precision SwitchSight Folding Pistol Sights

We all know that when you’re shooting your handgun with a silencer on the front, a higher profile sight is a must-have item. On the other hand, what happens when you remove your silencer? In this situation, you’ll probably need low-profile sight.

This is where SwitchSight made by Dead Air and KNS Precision comes in. This sight is made for scenarios just like these. Thanks to its design you can easily switch the sight between lower and higher profile.

It’s made from 17-4 stainless steel with a sleek nitride finish meaning this sight is made to last. You can use this sight in various situations and even rigorous ones without wondering if will it sustain that level of use. However, the iron sight has a little downside - it’s made for daylight use, not at night as front and rear sight only have ordinary, not illuminated, white dots.

As for compatibility, you can use this sight on the double stack and small Glock slides.

However, all these features come at a little higher price point, so you must be willing to spend $140 on this piece if you want it on your Glock.

Price: $140.00
Get yours here!

Final Words

If you’re satisfied with the OEM Glock iron sight then the answer is NO. However, because of this, you can miss a lot of features offered by aftermarket brands especially if you got a Glock for home defense.

It’s up to you to decide whether to buy it or not, but personally, we would advise you to get one as it’s not a huge investment since there are plenty of quality sights with a lower price point.

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