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Tutorials and How to's on latest and greatest from the firearms industry. Learn how to assemble your own firearm, how to clean it and much more.

  1. In this guide, I’m going to show you how a rifle scope works. I’ll explain everything from objective lens to magnification. In short: If you’re looking to understand how a rifle scope works, then you’ll love this guide. Let’s get started! What is a riflescope? An optical device that allows you to magnify your target. Riflescopes come in all sorts...

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  2. What are the two most popular methods when applying for a SBR stamp? Trust Trust is a legal entity and as such can legally own assets. One of the most popular methods for getting a NFA stamp is using a trust for a couple reasons. Depending on the trust you select and it’s legal language the process of inheritance of NFA items can be considerably easier. A trust can provide the ability for the control to move to another person without actual ownership the of the item changing. Another benefit if you select a trust with the ability to add/remove co-trustees is you can allow other individuals to posses the same NFA items without you present.

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