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Tech Specs: DT Carbine Stock and MOE PR Stock

DT Carbine Stock - Mil - Spec
January 18, 2024 130 view(s)

Tech Specs: DT Carbine Stock and MOE PR Stock

Magpul has announced a couple of new stocks in the days leading up to the 2024 NSSF SHOT Show. The DT Carbine Stock and the MOE PR Stock.


"[Magpul founder] Richard [Kirkpatrick] was really trying to address a handful of different challenges and what he experienced as problems with existing buttstocks." Drake Clark says,


"Whether it's the butt pad or whether it was the rattle against the buffer tube [...] There was a whole host of features that he was trying to really attack with this stock." He continues, referring to Magpul's first carbine buttstock, the M93.


DT Carbine Stock – Mil-Spec

DT Carbine Stock in use

The new Dual Tension system produces additional tension on the buffer tube, providing extra-tight lockup on the buffer tube to minimize movement between the stock’s lock pin and receiver extension. The result is a stock that is significantly more durable, reliable,  and easy to adjust.


We have included features from our SL and the CTR stock lines; these features include a non-slip butt-pad matching the footprint of the SL line with the CTR’s optimized curvature and CTR Cheek Riser compatibility. This new DT stock also sports an ambidextrous adjustment lever, a rotation-limiting QD sling mount, and a 1.25” footman’s loop.


DT Carbine Stock


DT Carbine Stock Features:

  • New LOP-adjustment Dual Tension locking system improves ease of adjustment while securing LOP placement, limiting secondary movements, and improving durability

  • Ambidextrous adjustment lever 

  • Newly designed non-slip butt pad

  • For sling mounting, there is an ambidextrousrotation-limiting QD sling mount and a 1.25” footman’s loop

  • Compatible with CTR Cheek Risers

  • Black/FDE/ODG; all colors are shipping now, but some are out of stock; sign up on the website to be notified when color variants are back in stock.

MSRP: $64.95


MOE PR Carbine Stock – Mil-Spec

MOE PR Carbine Stock in use

Built on the concept of simple-is-better, the MOE PR Carbine stock sticks with what we know is proven and works and incorporates a set of features found on our higher-end precision stocks.


From the rest on the front edge of the stock – which allows the shooter’s support hand to apply rearward pressure on the stock to secure the stock in the shoulder for precise shot placement – to the bottom of the stock’s frame, which also serves as a bag rider, the MOE PR Carbine Stock is geared to shooters wanting a stock designed to place shots at distance without the weight or bulk of additional features, allowing them to stay mobile.


Other features include a sloping cheek weld that combines a slim profile with user comfort, and a non-slip, rubber butt-pad that increases impact protection and allows for easier shoulder transitions and better fit with body armor.


With an M-LOK slot molded into the rear of the stock, shooters can attach a sling using the slot as a footman’s loop or by adding the Magpul M-LOK® QD Sling Mount to one or both sides of the M-LOK slot.


MOE PR Carbine Stock in black


MOE PR Carbine Stock Features:

  • Minimalist, lightweight design 

  • Support-hand rest on the front strap to minimize movement 

  • Bottom support acts as a bag rider for shooting rests 

  • CTR Cheek Riser compatible (for firearms without a rear-operating charging handle)

  • M-LOK slot for QD Sling Mount/footman’s loop

  • Colors: BLK/FDE/ODG; all colors coming soon (Spring 2024).


MSRP: $44.95

Learn more about Magpul during the 25th Anniversary. The innovative company is providing a peek behind the curtain at new stock projects and more.


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