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Tech Specs: TMAG 30 AR/M4 GEN M3

Man holding an AR with TMAG 30
January 19, 2024 205 view(s)

Tech Specs: TMAG 30 AR/M4 GEN M3

Coming from Magpul in Spring 2024 is the TMAG 30. A translucent magazine to easily see round type and count.

Learn more about the magazine in their press release.


From Magpul:

A second void we found in the magazine market was the concept of a translucent magazine. We never want to lower our standards of reliability and quality – which is why we pride ourselves on our GEN M3 magazines – just to simply meet a demand in the market.


With those benchmarks of quality as our guide, we never made a translucent magazine because we couldn’t make one that could match GEN M3 protocols.


Until now.


Softly backlit Magpul TMAG 30


The TMAG – a new line of translucent magazines made with an Olive Drap Translucent material – is the first translucent magazine that meets our GEN M3 standards, which has been the bar for our magazines for years.


After a decade in development, the TMAG is the newest addition to our STANAG-compatible magazines and allow shooters to visibly verify various ammunition types as well as round count. Externally, ribbed front and rear straps provide a textured surface to securely grip the TMAG during magazine changes, yet the sides are left smooth to ensure visibility.


TMAG 30 and AR lying on grass.


Meeting our GEN M3 standards, the TMAG uses a similar internal geometry as our PMAG. The four-way, anti-tilt follower is paired with a durable USGI-spec, stainless-steel spring with a painted coil, which maintains the “gas gauge” capability from the “Window” magazine product line.


The magazine body is clearly marked to show approximate round counts when inserted in a magazine well, and the paint-pen dot matrix allows for aftermarket markings to be applied by shooters. The TMAG’s low-profile floor plate also allows for compatibility with the full line of Magpul floor-plate accessories. Equally important, while we made the TMAG a product with no compromises in quality, we still made it affordable.

Magpul TMAG facing right



  • Translucent body for round identification and capacity information 

  • Ribbed front and rear straps for improved grip 

  • Four-way anti-tilt follower and USGI-spec, stainless-steel spring enhances reliability 

  • Painted coil and marked magazine body provide a quick visual reference for capacity 

  • Paint-pen dot matrix allows for additional metrics for personal preference when looking for round-count indicators 

  • Accepts current aftermarket Magpul floor-plate accessories 

  • Wide compatibility with most 'STANAG 4179' platforms, such as the AR15, M4, M16, SCAR MK16/16S, HK416, MR556, M27 IAR, IWI Tavor, and others.

  • Colors: ODT (Olive Drab Translucent)

TMAG 30 AR M4 Gen M3


  • Caliber    5.56x45mm / .223 Remington

  • Platform    AR15, M4, M16, SA-80

  • Capacity    30 rounds

  • Weight    4.4 oz.

  • Length, max    7.5 in.


MSRP: $24.95

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