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RA Defense The birth

Rainier Defense
November 17, 2021 409 view(s)

RA Defense The birth

The Birth

In 2018, Rainier Arms identified an immediate need to create a unique entity specifically designated towards law enforcement, security, military, and government clients. This paved the way for the creation of Rainier Defense. Our mission is to provide on-time, on-target solutions to professional clients that are tailored to their specific needs both domestically and internationally.

Based out of Auburn, WA

With our office based outside of Seattle, Washington, we have been aware of local department's needs to comply and conform to changing legislation. Rainier Defense was able to rapidly develop and implement time-sensitive solutions to these department changes that met their individual administrative requirements. Law Enforcement Departments and Military units alike look to Rainier as the One Stop Shop that provides scalable, flexible and adaptable solutions for their mission.


Rainier Defense has recruited top quality talent that possess a wide breadth of knowledge and experience across a variety of acumen. Our team’s collective experience allows Rainier Defense to offer specialized, customer-focused logistics, procurement, and consulting solutions to a wide range of clients including Federal Government, Military, International clientele and Law Enforcement agencies – both domestic and around the globe.


The Rainier Defense team combines its substantial experience with proven design and delivery methodologies to provide unsurpassed outcomes tailored to each client’s needs and objectives. 

Recently, we outfitted a local Law Enforcement agency with custom built RUC Rifles (Rainier Arms Urban Combat). This entailed working closely with the customer and their specific needs, all the while maintaining the deliverable within their budget constraint.


Meeting the needs of our International clients

Internationally, a foreign entity's Ministry of Defense was requesting a solution for managing unexploded ordnance and munitions: our team was able to identify the methods of their need and provide the logistical and hardware solutions for that in a timely and accurate manner. Here are some high-speed video of exploding ordnances with these trailers. We offer customized EOD and Ammo Disposal Equipment that is custom tailored and built for your departments specific requirement.


Ra Defense industry

Our Industry Network, become Yours

These capabilities are supported and made possible by the Rainier team's long standing and evolving relationships with industry partners and vendors in all aspects of the market, from soft goods, and gear, to firearms and life support equipment. Our agility allows us to provide full spectrum services to a variety of clients from local, municipal, and government Law Enforcement Agencies to allied Defense Departments Internationally.

Professional Services Procurement Specialists

The Rainier Defense team's extensive professional background and access to relevant resources allow us to provide contextual training and consultation, on-location or virtually, with regards to COVID-19 constraints.

Defense Team

The team at Rainier Defense and Rainier Arms stands ready to provide real-world solutions to increase the safety and capability of the professional client or agency. If you and your agency or department have procurement needs or our logistic services, contact us today.

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