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Springfield Hellcat: California Legal

California Legal Springfield Hellcat
November 27, 2023 3400 view(s)

Springfield Hellcat: California Legal

We have a CA handgun roster update for ya: the Springfield Hellcat California. Is the Hellcat California compliant, you ask? The answer is yes, finally, yes it is. 


Springfield Hellcat California legal - now on California Handgun Roster

The California Handgun Roster is overseen by the office of the California Attorney General


The additions became valid on 11/16/23. California residents, who must abide by the woefully ineffective (not to mention unconstitutional) California Handgun Roster, may now purchase one of the most popular micro-compact 9mm pistols on the market: the Springfield Armory Hellcat.


Springfield Hellcat California

The Hellcat California has a capacity of 10+1 9x19mm rounds and is optic-friendly; it will accommodate many of the current market's most popular red dot sights. Otherwise, it is the same handgun that has proven so popular in other states. 


CA compliant Hellcat, right side


Springfield Hellcat Pro California 

The Hellcat Pro is also going to be a familiar weapon. It combines the performance of a full-size handgun with class-leading concealability and features a longer 3.7-inch barrel (and, of course, an accessory rail to host popular accessories).

Be sure to choose the correct Hellcat when shopping online.

Be sure to select the correct model of Hellcat if you're looking to purchase one online and have it shipped to your local FFL; most places won't ship the wrong handgun anyway, but sometimes oversights occur. 


CA Hellcat left side



The Hellcat lineup is comprised primarily of three production guns: the Hellcat (first released in late 2019), the Hellcat RDP (released in February 2011, sporting the addition of a compensator and a red dot sight), and the Hellcat Pro. The Pro saw its public debut in March of 2022; its frame and geometry were intended to strike a balance between greater capacity, a slight increase in size, and concealability. This newest round of additions to the CA roster does not include the Hellcat RDP.


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